Providence Hospital Moose Jaw

Abandoned Hangman's Hospital

Welcome to hangman's hospital. Also known as Providence Hospital in Moose Jaw, it was demolished in the fall of 2006.

Providence Hospital opened in 1917, the same year the Sister of Providence founded the School of Nursing which was part of the hospital until 1970. The hospital grew over the years opening new wings in 1928 and 1962, adding a nurses' residence in 1946 and a school of Medical Technology in 1951. There was a new extended care unit that opened in 1974.

This former beauty was closed in 1995. This closure was no surprise as the 1990's were hard times in this province. Many hospitals were closed in this province around the same time that this hospital closed its doors. When the hospital closed the patience were moved to the Providence Place for Holistic Health which is still active today.

Since it was closed this hospital has taken a beating. It has had several fires throughout the facility over the years. Some portions are extremely fire-damaged. It is a very interesting location as it is full of equipment. It took us a good 3 hours to see it all, just to give you an idea of its size.

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