Pontiex Esso Service

Abandoned gas station and repair service in Pontiex, Saskatchewan

Pontiex, Saskatchewan is a small town in southwest Saskatchewan. Along Highway 13 before you turn into town there is an abandoned ESSO gas station and repair center. Our first exploration was many years ago, there was nothing around it and no one on site. The building had living quarters, a front-end counter, and a repair/garage area. Over the years it didn't change much but today it was purchased and someone has moved many vehicles and other items on site. We are not sure if they will ever use the building again but the property will continue to get used.

Fun fact: A few meters from the station up on the hill was the original home to "Mo The Ponteix Plesiosaur" and a small tourism center shaped like a tipi. Mo has been moved closer to town and the tourism tipi demolished.

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